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The Living Trust

As their trusted tax preparer, my clients share with me their worries and concerns for their family's well being.  Many of you want to make sure that your family will be taken care of expeditiously in the event that you pass away or become clinically incapacitated.  After years of hearing these similar concerns from my tax clients, book keeping clients, and prior mortgage clients, I decided to find out what I could do to help them get a peace of mind.  I did a lot of research and finally found a company that I was happy to work with in order to help my clients.  That company is: The Estate Plan company, founded by Mr. Henry W. Abts III.  He has built a solid and highly regarded reputation for helping people avoid costly probate while allowing them to have their parting wishes carried out.  I have been thoroughly trained to become a Living Trust Advisor through his company.  I am now able to help others with this extraordinary tool, called The Estate Plan Living Trust.  

To find out more about what The Estate Plan Living Trust does and who benefits from having one, please read the information below that was taken directly from him.  Please call me with additional questions or if you would like to know if the The Estate Plan Living Trust would work for you and your family.             

The Estate Plan Mission

The Estate Plan strives to protect our fellow Americans from the evils of probate. We do so by recruiting and training reputable, knowledgeable and experienced Network Attorneys and Financial Advisors. Thereafter we offer them continuing education, we furnish them with unparalleled support, and we provide them with comprehensive and up-to-date estate planning documents tailored to the needs of their individual clients and their heirs.

Has it's roots in English law upon which our legal system was founded. We have the constitutional right to create a Living Trust for our heirs.

Is one of the most versatile estate preservation tools available. It can:

  • avoid the high cost and lengthy process of probate
  • upon death, allow quick distribution of trust assets to your family
  • preserve your estate from unnecessary federal estate tax
  • provide for the support and education of minor children, or grandchildren
  • insure you retain maximum control over your property and estate
  • avoid conservatorship or guardianship if you become incompetent
  • maintain the continued privacy of your affairs
  • can be changed by you at any time

Is far more than a series of documents. It is the foundation of a comprehensive estate preservation program, designed to transfer your assets to your beneficiaries with minimum anxiety, cost, or complication.


The Estate Plan Advantage

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A Comprehensive Estate Preservation Program

A Comprehensive Estate Preservation Program goes far beyond simple document preparation. It incorporates a full range of estate planning products and services, each tailored to your family's unique needs. The Estate Plan offers its clients:

The Living Trust

Not all trusts are valid in every state. Our Living Trust is and incorporates over 30 years of estate preservation experience serving clients nationwide. Also includes the 210+ "Must-Have" provisions and a duplicate set of the Living Trust and ancillary documents for safe keeping.

Ancillary Documents

Offer you additional control over your person or assets. These documents are so vital, they are included, at no additional charge, as part of your Estate Preservation Program.

Legal & Tax Updates

Through our nationwide legal and tax information network, we monitor changes in the tax code and pending legislation and inform those clients who are significantly affected.

Client Services

The Estate Plan
is available to answer your questions, review your Estate Preservation Program, and provide you with additional estate planning products and services, including: deed transfer, trust amendment services, as well as advanced estate planning techniques.

Articles About The Estate Plan

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"Do [good] living trusts perform as advertised? Ask Beth Currie of Tarzana, California, whose husband dies in January, 1990 with a living trust drawn up by the Estate Plan. The ease with which she was able to wind up his affairs has been 'absolutely spectacular' she says."

FORTUNE Magazine

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"The Living Trust, by Henry Abts III . . . explains how a trust protects assets while you are alive, then passes them on."

U.S. News

"The living or inter vivos, trust can be a reasonably priced alternative to a will and it avoids probate altogether." . . . "Even for people of modest means, the living trust can be a good alternative to the traditional will."

American Association of Retired Persons
A Report on Probate

"I met with Henry last month and found his approach to offer what I think we all need, especially as it relates to estate planning and Living Trusts; and that's thoroughness and peace of mind."

Michael Reagan, Former President Reagan's son and radio personality

"Revocable living trusts become [a] popular option in estate planning." . . .More and more Americans are . . . putting their assets in revocable living trusts."

The Wall Street Journal
Your Money Matters column

The Wall Street Journal
Survival Guide for Women

"Suggested Reading & Source of Information: Chapter 8, Planning your Estate: The Living Trust by Henry W. Abts III."

The Survival Guide for Women, Suggested Reading & Sources of Information Section, by Renee & Don Martin

"Trusts offer something for everyone. Do you want to avoid probate? Minimize estate taxes? Do you need to provide protection for a handicapped child or disabled relative? Are you married but planning to leave an inheritance to children from a prior marriage? If your answer to any or all of these questions is Yes, a trust may be for you."

Modern Maturity Magazine

Modern Maturity
How To Save Money On Just About Everything

"The clearest and most comprehensive book we have read on the subject of Living Trusts and related subjects is entitled, The Living Trust, by Henry W. Abts III. If your local library doesn't have this book . . . by all means buy one at a bookstore even if they have to order it for you."

How to Save Money on Just About Everything by William Roberts
Chapter 7 - Estate and Inheritance Taxes

The first and only approved Living Trust vendor for the California School Employees Association, an employee union representing 150,000 classified employees in the state school system.